The idea of a Flanders Fields Memorial Garden was conceived during a conversation in 2008 between Andrew Wallis, Curator of the Guards Museum, Nic Vandermarliere, then Representative of the Flemish Government in London and Piet Blanckaert, Landscape Architect from Bruges.
After several discussions, agreement was reached that the dilapidated concrete pond situated between the Guards Chapel and the Guards Museum should be replaced with a garden to commemorate the sacrifice made by millions of soldiers during World War I.

In 2010, the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain joined the 3 partners in order to assist in raising the necessary funds.


Flanders House

Since 2002 the Flemish Government has had a General Representative Office in the UK, based in Flanders House, located on Cavendish Square. Flanders House is also home to Flanders Investment and Trade and Tourism Flanders.
Flanders House is part of the Belgian Embassy and their role is to promote Flanders in the UK. Nic Van der Marliere, current General Representative of the Flemish Government in London is actively involved in the realisation of the Memorial Garden and has secured the moral and financial support of the Flemish Government for this project.


Guards Museum

The museum’s main role is to provide a safe and secure repository for artefacts belonging to the five regiments of Her Majesty’s Foot Guards. The museum strives to make these artefacts available for viewing by members of these regiments as well as by the general public.
The Guards Museum is located next to the Memorial Garden and will look after the garden once it has been completed.  Andrew Wallis, the Curator, is one of the driving forces behind bringing the project to a successful conclusion. All sponsorship funds are channeled through the museum’s charity - the Guards Museum Trust Fund.


Piet Blanckaert Landscape Architect

The Memorial Garden has been designed by internationally acclaimed landscape architect Piet Blanckaert from Bruges, Belgium. His design is the fruition of a long and personal thought process and the result is at the same time both splendid and sobering. As one of the founding fathers of this project, Piet is also overseeing the careful execution of the works down to the finest detail.


Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain (BLCC)

The BLCC is a one-stop shop for Belgian and Luxembourg companies which are exporting to and investing in the United Kingdom. Through its Chairman Michel Vanhoonacker, the BLCC is involved in attracting sponsors from the business world to help realise the Memorial Garden. From brochures to the website and from building materials to cash donations, the BLCC is committed to raising £600,000 in order to make the Garden a sustainable reality.